Next Phase of Leagues' Weekly COVID-19 Impact Survey


As the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues move to the next stage of pandemic advocacy and awareness efforts, we want to thank credit unions for their commitment to completing our COVID-19 Impact Survey each week.

Our survey is in transition, which means CEOs and other executives should please look out for a new message with a revamped survey in the coming weeks.

Every Monday for 16 consecutive weeks, credit union leaders helped the Leagues track how credit unions in California and Nevada are aiding members during this difficult economic period. This unique visual was made possible by the mortgage forbearances, loan extensions, emergency loans, and fee waivers offered by several credit unions. It will not be forgotten and serves as a powerful statement to legislators and society at large.

The Leagues are working on what our next survey will look like now that the March – June period has passed. The COVID-19 crisis is still affecting millions of credit union members across both states. Our reworked survey will capture the information needed to continue our dialogue with state and federal lawmakers, as well as local news media. As usual, the survey will be a work in progress as the Leagues continually tailor our efforts to accurately collect answers that reflect our movement’s ongoing response to this crisis.

The Leagues cannot thank credit union leaders enough for participating thus far, and look forward to a second round of spotlighting credit unions’ best efforts through this pandemic. Please stay tuned!

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