'Economic Recovery: What Credit Unions Need to Watch'

Dr. Robert Eyler, Economist at Sonoma State University and Board Member of Redwood CU
Dr. Robert Eyler, Economist at Sonoma State University and Board Member of Redwood CU

During a FREE webinar for members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues on Monday, Sept. 28, Dr. Robert Eyler will discuss recent forecasts and data regarding the direction of the California and Nevada economies in light of large uncertainties as 2020 slowly draws to a close, providing credit unions with guidance during this year's strategic planning/budgeting season.

The data on the national economy provide context, especially which states are recovering more quickly than California and Nevada. Additionally, it provides the "why" regarding where our states' economies are seeing more opportunities than others.

Concern for credit union members and employees is rising going into late 2020, as there is still no viable vaccine to fight the COVID-19 virus. How 2020 ends and 2021 begins, economically speaking, likely dictates the duration of the recovery timeline back to where the economy, labor market, and household incomes stood in early 2020.

Local housing markets have held firm for now, but Eyler will explain the reasons why members and employees may react in certain ways regarding a change in housing and what that change may depend on as 2021 unfolds.

Overall, he will provide indicators to watch and considerations for the future as your credit union and its board of directors plan for the next few years.

Meet the Presenter
Dr. Robert Eyler is professor of economics at Sonoma State University; director of the university’s Center for Regional Economic Analysis; president of Economic Forensics and Analytics; and a long-time board member of Redwood CU. Eyler has authored books and academic articles concerning monetary economics and policies, macroeconomic policies, banking topics, derivative markets, international finance, and the economics of the wine industry.

He is often interviewed by regional news media for his expertise and has acted as an expert witness in interstate trade litigation, as well as a forensic economist. He served as CEO of the Marin Economic Forum from 2009 – 2015.

Eyler has provided several economic-impact analyses for private firms and public entities to help guide public policies at the local and state levels.

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