CA Governor Issues ‘Stay at Home’ Orders Aligned with Hospital Capacity

California Gov. Gavin Newsom
California Gov. Gavin Newsom

On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom outlined a “stay at home” COVID-19 public health order for five designated regions across the state when their hospital capacity declines to a level that overwhelms intensive care units (ICUs).

Simultaneously, "credit unions" were top-of-mind with the governor yesterday as he discussed the state's recently launched California Rebuilding Fund in a news conference, as well as COVID-19 and other updates (click to view a PBS News Hour broadcast clip). While his immediate mention of credit unions is a noteworthy spotlight in the news media and public, the positivity behind Newsom's reference was also the product of all the hard work the California Credit Union League has invested in engaging with he and his staff, as well as the credit union movement's outstanding outreach to members and consumers in their local communities over the past year.

Meanwhile, yesterday's public health order affects regions having less than 15 percent of ICU capacity remaining. While none of the five regions currently meet this criteria, some are expected to approach it by week’s end.

Regions will need to comply with restrictions for three weeks. Residents would be immediately mandated to remain in their homes unless they are conducting “essential activities.” The order would end business operations for nearly all indoor and outdoor retail, food, accommodation, leisure, hospitality, amusement, tourism, and gaming activities (with some small caveats and modifications).

To be released from the order, a region must have a projected ICU capacity above or equal to 15 percent for three weeks after the order starts. The California Health and Human Services Agency is assessing each region on a weekly basis. Visit the “California For All” COVID-19 resource webpage for updates and information.

We wanted to alert you of this announcement as you continue serving your credit union’s members across the state. The League will continue keeping you notified of pertinent information going forward.

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