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CFPB & Federal Reserve Adjust Reg CC Inflation Dollar Amounts

Recently, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) jointly amended the adjustments for inflation to dollar amounts affecting the availability of consumer funds, as outlined in Regulation CC.

These changes include the minimum funds banks must make available for withdrawal by the next business day for certain check deposits and the amount of funds from certain checks deposited into new accounts subject to next-day availability.

Mandated by law, these adjustments are made every five years based on the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers. The compliance date for implementing these adjustments is set for July 1, 2025, allowing credit unions sufficient time for implementation.

The adjusted amounts are as follows:

Section Threshold
Minimum Amount; 12 CFR 229.10(c)(1)(vii) $275
Cash Withdrawal Amount;12 CFR 229.12(d) $550
New-Account Amount; 12 CFR 229.13(a)(1)(ii) $6,725
Large-Deposit Threshold; 12 CFR 229.13(b) $6,725
Repeatedly Overdrawn Threshold; 12 CFR 229.13(d)(2) $6,725
Civil Liability Minimum and Maximum for Individual Action; 12 CFR 229.21(a)(2)(i) $125
Civil Liability Maximum for Class Action; 12 CFR 229.21(a)(2)(ii)(B) $672,950

Read the final rule.

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