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East Bay Auffle for PAC Sept 2019

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East Bay Chapter Newsletter - August 2019

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August 2019



Message from the Chairmen

Happy August to all. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and making wonderful memories!

The East Bay Chapter has been asking you to keep your calendar open for the month of August to support our “Auffle” event. This is an event where the chapter can raise money for PAC (Political Action Committee) of the California Credit Union League (CCUL). We have moved this event toThursday, September 26, 2019. Please mark your calendars for this date!

The purpose of pushing out this event is to ensure we have enough time to collect donation items for the Raffle and Silent Auction. We will be able to support PAC by raffling and auctioning these items. When we support PAC, we are assisting each of our credit unions and their members by advocating for us at all levels of government. Look out for more details on how YOUcan help! 

These events support the credit union movement. If it was not for every one of you for doing what you do, we would not have the success we have. As a chapter we'd like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at future events.

Steve Larranaga

East Bay Chapter, CCUL


Elise Schexnayder

Manager of Credit Union Solutions & Membership

California and Nevada Credit Union League

How long have you been in the credit union world? CU beginnings?

I’m working on my 11th year in the industry. I started at SAFE Credit Union where I worked in the Call Center for 5 years and then in Financial Education for nearly 5 years.

What is your favorite part of being apart of the credit union?

I love that I am a part of an industry that was founded on the principles of helping people improve their lives. This is a passion I did not know I had, but I get to help credit unions improve individual’s financial future every day. It doesn’t matter what mundane task we are all doing. We are part of something wonderful and we're part of helping people every day. We literally change lives for the better. This is general, I know, but this is the thought that pushes me to do my best.

What continues to draw you to the East Bay Chapter?

This chapter has some really unique events, and there are a good number of participants. They keep things fun and I learn something at just about every meeting. I like the different speakers that come!

Why do you think the chapter meetings are important to you and your CU team members?

I didn’t begin to have an understanding of my individual part in the credit union movement until I participated in chapter meetings. I learned a great deal about my own finances, but I also learned some ways I can help the credit union movement, which helps us to impact more lives. Sometimes I wonder why credit unions don’t make chapter meetings mandatory… seriously. The investment made by sending an employee to these meetings will be returned a hundredfold because this is where credit union enthusiasts are created. I truly believe that chapter involvement helps a credit union’s employee retention because we learn how to put our heart and passion into our careers. 

Advice to those who may be considering attending the chapter meetings?

DO IT!!! It might be scary to walk into your first meeting, so feel free to bring a friend. And, know that you will walk into a room full of people who share some of your passions. You will thank yourself. I promise! Oh, and I tell myself every time I walk into a meeting that there is someone there that needs my help. Then I make sure I find that person. Maybe a connection, or an answer to a question about a vendor or a service. I’m not good at networking, but this is my alternative to networking and it is fruitful every time!

Calendar of Events

It's a fun year!!!!!

We hope that you can join us at these events and look for more information as the dates get closer.

·     September 26, 2019 - PAC Fundraiser/Chapter Elections

·     October - Newsletter

·     November - Newsletter

·     December - Credit Union "Give Back" Event

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