Four-Part Employee Practices Series


Managing your staff every day can be challenging, as you deal with hiring, firing, and everything in between. It’s even harder if you have to guess what you can legally say or do. Forget the guesswork. This four-part eTrain webinar series will show you how to comply with basic human resource practices and laws.

 Part 1: Employment Discrimination, Diversity, & Harassment Issues—June 6 

  • Federal and State Law Protections
  • Forms of Discrimination
  • Disparate Impact and Disparate Treatment 
  • ADEA, ADA, and GINA 
  • Sexual Harassment – What the #MeToo Movement looks like in 2019
  • Bullying and Abusive Conduct

 Part 2: Performance & Behavior Issues: Legal Strategies—June 13

  • Beginning the Employment Relationship
  • Documenting Employee Performance
  • Proper Performance Evaluations
  • Ending the Employment Relationship
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Privacy Issues

Part 3: Wage & Hour Issues: Essential Compliance—June 20

  • Federal and State Law
  • Top Wage and Hour Compliance Issues
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Classifications
  • Wage and Hour Litigation, and Class Actions
  • Overtime and Minimum Wage Best Practices for Mitigating Risk

Part 4: Mental Health & Disability Issues—June 27

  • Federal and State Leave Laws
  • Definition of Disability
  • Triggers for Reasonable Accommodation
  • The Interactive Process
  • Common Employer Mistakes
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Mental Health and Disability
  • New Parent Leave Act
  • FMLA, CFRA, and PDL
  • California Paid Sick Leave
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