Credit Union Compliance: Managing the Juggling Act


Managing and navigating those ever-changing compliance regulations is complicated for any credit union.

For its new case study, Credit Union Compliance: Managing the Juggling Act, PolicyWorks asked Stanford FCU Vice President of Risk Management and Compliance Katie Elliott how her team navigates new regulations and how ComplySight has helped her to strengthen the credit union's compliance standards.

The $2.6 billion, Palo Alto-based credit union came to the realization two years ago that managing compliance is a complicated, and it took decisive steps to address the growing challenge.

In this case study, which you can download here, you can read how Elliott navigates her new role at Stanford FCU with ComplySight. In addition, the study also describes how ComplySight helps the credit union to comply with the increasingly complicated nature of credit union compliance as well as the various areas where ComplySight helps the credit union’s employees move forward with important projects.

The author of the study is PolicyWorks Director of Audit Services Jason Skemp.

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