New InfoSight Website Simplifies Compliance


The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues understand compliance is a top concern among credit unions. The newly redesigned InfoSight for both California and Nevada is a user-friendly, reliable resource with comprehensive information on federal and state laws and regulations.

The goal with the new website is to create a more user-friendly experience for our member credit unions. The design is more modern, streamlined, and much easier to navigate.

The interactive dashboard is your first stop! Customize the “Topics of Interest” area to create quick links to the topics you need to access frequently. The “Recently Visited Pages” will automatically populate to show you where you have been, so you can easily pick up where you left off. The “Recently Updated” area allows you to choose to receive news about updates to just those compliance areas – and only those areas - that are important to you, and the Compliance Calendar and Compliance Training Areas will keep you up to date on what’s coming up.

Compliance Topics
InfoSight is chock full of information. So much, in fact, that in our old site it could be difficult to view all information for a particular compliance topic. The new layout has streamlined the way information is presented. Each topic has accordion tabs showing users all the resources available for that topic. Open each tab to view specific information which may include a Summary, FAQs, Detailed Analysis, Checklist, or links to Laws & Regulations and Additional Resources, or use the “View All” button to see all information displayed at once (this view also allows an easy way to print all the information for the topic as well).

State Content
We have made the state-specific content in InfoSight easier than ever to identify. Topics that are completely state-specific are identified with the state name in the title of the content. Topics of a federal nature with state content have an accordion tab showing “State Considerations” so you can easily review any exceptions or considerations that may apply to your credit union. State laws, resources, FAQs or checklists are also identified as separate content with the state name listed for easy reference.

More Resources
We’ve packed InfoSight with more resources than ever, including Compliance Videos, searchable FAQs, an A-Z index to easily find the topic you’re seeking, a checklist listing, and an updated newsletter!

League Member Benefit
Don’t forget that InfoSight is a League member benefit provided as a FREE resource for California and Nevada League member credit unions! If you haven’t been taking advantage of InfoSight, now is the time. 

Click here to request access to California InfoSight.

Click here to request access to Nevada InfoSight.

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