Human Capital Consulting Firm ‘Humanidei’ is Launched for CUs

Logo for Humanidei

In a unique effort to help our credit union industry win the war for talent, California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues President and CEO Diana Dykstra and former Credit Union League of Connecticut President and CEO Jill Nowacki have announced the launch of Humanidei.

Nowacki will serve as president and CEO of Humanidei, with the last three letters, “dei,” drawing from the firm’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (pronounced like “humanity”)—one of the company’s top initiatives. She will run the organization’s strategic operations and consult with clients while Dykstra serves in an advisory capacity.

Humanidei’s goal is to serve as the single-greatest asset for human development, attraction, and retention inside the credit union system. It has been designed to fill a void in the industry, offering consulting within the strategic side of human resources. The firm will provide comprehensive human capital solutions that fuel organizational growth plans, recognizing that optimized human resources are the key differentiator in crowded, commoditized marketplaces.

“Credit unions continue to struggle in a war for talent from the frontline to the board level, but there is no reason for this,” Nowacki said. “Our values are strong and attractive to people who want to make an impact in workplaces where they feel respected. The way credit unions are structured makes them perfectly suited to partner with Humanidei to strategically and systematically leverage this structure for talent attraction, development, and retention.”

The catalyst behind Humanidei came as Dykstra, Nowacki and other credit union leaders have seen today’s workplaces and workforce evolve at a rapid pace. Many credit unions struggle to build workforces that represent shifting demographics or offer a workplace that motivates staff retention.

“Humanidei will help credit unions understand these changes,” Dykstra said. “Like credit unions, we believe people are your organization’s most valuable asset.”

Humanidei believes the best organizations:

  • Create cultures where people can feel open about who they are as individuals, thereby leveraging the humanity of their workforce.
  • Develop human capital strategies that utilize the value of humans in a digital world: When every individual is able to contribute at his or her highest capacity, the product is a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization positioned to reach full potential. 
  • Empower their staff for success through planning, individual and team coaching, succession planning, and executive and volunteer recruiting.

“Organizations often find themselves in a race for new technology, scrambling to introduce the next great thing without stopping to evaluate the human capital needed in the process,” Nowacki added. “Humanidei will help companies ensure they have the right roles, at the right levels, compensated appropriately, in order to make sure those investments in technology or products pay off as planned.”  

Humanidei is now accepting new clients. Inquiries may be sent to

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