Mortgage Loan Compliance Training


Mortgage lending is saddled with compliance issues, including Fair Lending to appraisals, finance charges, and rescission. Find out everything you need to know about mortgage loan compliance with these two valuable webinar sessions:

Mortgage Loan Origination Compliance—Jan. 17, 2018
This webinar is designed for everyone from newly appointed loan officers to seasoned pros, and will discuss these critical questions:

  • How do regulators determine if a policy or practice results in disparate impact?
  • Which appraisal rules apply to which transactions?
  • Are there more than regulations to guide us?
  • What triggers the provision of a Loan Estimate and the disclosure of the Loan Estimate?
  • Are charges not required by the credit union subject to tolerances?
  • When does a revised closing disclosure trigger a new three-day waiting period?

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Mortgage Loan Servicing Compliance—Jan. 24, 2018
This webinar focusses on the after-origination requirements under Truth in Lending and RESPA. Get these answers to the questions:

  • How and when do we conduct an escrow analysis?
  • Who is required to provide a periodic statement on a mortgage loan or line of credit?
  • What are the credit union’s responsibilities regarding notices of error or requests for information?
  • Where do we find information regarding available remedies on a defaulted HELOC?
  • When can we take the first steps for foreclosure?

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