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Developing a Hispanic Growth Strategy & Measuring Your Success

Hispanics have become an important part of the U.S. society, culture, and economy. They are the major minority group in the United States and constitute 18 percent of the country’s total population. Moreover, 14 percent of Hispanic households are reported to be unbanked. This represents an opportunity for credit unions to develop products and services to engage this significant portion of the population and develop long lasting financial relationships. 

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Webinar: Coaching Skills for Leaders

What makes an effective leader?  Possessing the qualities of a great coach. Leaders who use coaching skills can improve morale, retain their key people, and experience greater productivity. This skills-based training focuses on integrating coaching to develop employees and teams.

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Best Practices for Serving the Underserved

In today’s challenging economic landscape, credit unions have an opportunity to help the underserved and increase loan growth and profitability!  On Dec. 11 during the “Best Practices for Serving the Underserved” webinar, learn what you can do to help the underserved and capture quality loan opportunities and increase profitability and loyalty. 

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Highlighted Events


Nevada Government Relations Rally
Feb. 12, 2019
Carson City, NV

CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference
March 10–14, 2019
Washington, D.C.

Credit Union SacTown Run
April 7, 2019
Sacramento, CA

California Government Relations Rally
April 8–9, 2019
Sacramento, CA

Western CUNA Management School
July 14–26, 2019
Pomona College
Claremont, CA

Shapiro Summit
August 2019
Southern California

REACH 2019
Oct. 27–30, 2019
Monterey Conference Center
Monterey, CA

Oct. 30–31, 2019
Monterey Conference Center
Monterey, CA