Congress: House to Vote on Regulatory Relief


This morning, the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan announced that the House and Senate have a deal to move S.2155 to the President's desk. S. 2155 is a massive regulatory relief package for community-based lenders—mainly for credit unions and community banks. Exact timing is still unknown, although likely before the end of May. Credit unions have lobbied Congress for regulatory relief since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act. Credit Unions have also lobbied for relief from the member-business lending cap which is included in this bill. For years now, CA and NV credit unions have led the charge in this area by having almost our entire congressional delegations co-sponsor this effort.

Yesterday, the Leagues launched a full effort from Connect For The Cause to mobilize our grassroots. Now is the time to call, email, and contact your Member of Congress on social media—ALL which can be done from Connect For The Cause. This is the opportunity that credit unions have been building toward for almost eight years. Please ask your staff and members to contact their Member of Congress today.

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