What is your Chapter’s Best Practice? Is there a particular activity, event, method, technique, strategy or solution that has produced outstanding results for your chapter?

As part of the new Chapter Recognition Program, each chapter is to submit at least one best practice entry in one of the strategic categories: Education, Leadership, Information, and Advocacy. Please provide details of what your chapter’s best practice is and why this best practice has worked for your chapter. You may turn in more than one best practice submission. Each submission should include the objective of the best practice, the methodology and the results. For your convenience, please feel free to use the following guidelines.

What is your best practice? Why did you select this practice? What are you trying to accomplish or improve? Who will benefit from the best practice?

Provide specific details about your best practice. What was your process to implement your best practice?  Does your process include committee work? How much time was involved? Is it an existing project or technique that you improved or is it new?  Did it involve marketing, networking, or social networking?  What type of research did it involve?

Quantify your results.  How many credit unions participated? How did it affect your chapter? Could this best practice be adapted in another situation to improve performance in other chapter activities? Will this become a standard practice for your chapter? If your best practice is an ongoing process, please include information about your preliminary results

Include photo or associated document along with your information.
File types acceptable are .png, .jpg, .pdf