Why League Membership?


Our mission has been magnified during the COVID-19 crisis: We exist to help California and Nevada credit unions change people’s lives by supporting your staff, volunteers, operations, awareness, guidance, strategy and philosophy. This is evident as we all work through the pandemic to assist consumers.

Through a network committed to relevant results, we empower all credit unions to speak with one voice to their respective state legislatures, local members of U.S. Congress, state and federal regulators, and society at large. Every year’s political accomplishments build upon the prior, making a perpetual impact on credit unions that continu­ally reap those benefits.

2020 has proven that when you invest in a yearly membership with the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, your credit union supports a unique system focused on building political capital and winning victories. Our one-of-a-kind organization fuels the lifeblood of credit unions, especially during a time of crisis.

The following represents a comprehensive look at how credit unions in California and Nevada have assisted their members during the COVID-19 crisis. This is just an example of the efforts we make collaboratively with and for our members. With the support and resources of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, member credit unions have provided hundreds of thousands of their members relief from mortgages, auto loans, credit card payments and business loans. 

The following are the latest state legislative successes, congressional achievements, regulatory outcomes, and direct examples of how your credit union benefits when you become a member of the League.


Maximize Your Membership California Impact Report
Maximize Your Membership   CA_ImpactReport_120820_FINAL
The Power of Advocacy
The Power of Advocacy
Power of Advocacy, California Power of Advocacy, Nevada
 Nevada Impact Report Your League in Action 
NV_ImpactReport_120820_FINAL  q42019


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