Is Your CU’s 2020 Compliance Calendar in Order?

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With the month of January already behind us, now is the time to get your credit union’s disclosure, policy and compliance reviews and orders in with Your CU Store for 2020.

Your CU Store can help you create, update and maintain compliance on a number of credit union disclosures and agreements. We can assist you with:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer Act disclosures, including online, mobile banking and remote deposit capture agreements
  • Privacy notices
  • Credit card agreements
  • Truth in Savings Act disclosures and account agreements, and 
  • Many more

We can also provide you with attorney reviewed, compliant, and ready-for-use off-the-shelf forms, such as:

  • Designation of Beneficiary
  • Membership Application and Agreements
  • Account Agreements
  • Stop Payment Orders
  • Special Powers of Attorney
  • Loan Extension Agreements, and
  • Many more

Most forms and disclosures are available in print and electronic format (subject to an annual licensing agreement). With a simple online ordering process, Your CU Store team will work with you to make sure your credit union forms and disclosures are just the way you need them.  Backed by the law firm of Moore, Brewer, Wolfe, Jones, Tyler and North, we’ll make sure everything is compliant with the latest rules and regulations so your credit union team will have less to worry about.  

Let Your CU Store cover the compliance for your credit union forms and disclosures. We’ve got your back! Visit or email today!