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1Q 2023 Events, Updates, Commitments, Collaborations, & More

League Networks has launched the N3 Newsletter, the official e-communication for the Networks — brought to you by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues!

Our latest N3 Newsletter spotlights upcoming eventsn, Network commitments, collaborations, new local Network names and chair contact information, and advocacy resources.

As a reminder, you can find Network events here. You can also find a local Network. Additionally, resources are here to help you.

Upcoming Network Events
Upcoming events where you can plug in (click here for more information):

  • Orange County Network: “Financial Executive Panel Discussion” (Thursday, April 27)
  • Southern Nevada Network: “Financial Planning Workshop” (Thursday, April 27)
  • Mount Diablo Network: “Vendor Night Event” (Thursday, May 18)
  • Pacific Coast Network: “Breakfast with Diana and Advocacy Update” (Wednesday, June 21)
  • Multi-Network Golf Tournament: “The Network’s premier PAC Fundraiser” (Monday, July 17)
  • Inland Empire and Orange County Network Collaboration: “Dancing with the Credit Union Stars” (TBD — third quarter of 2023)

League Network Commitments
In 2023, Networks are asking each local network to commit to:

  • Conduct a networking activity.
  • Hold a professional development event (advocacy events count).
  • Collaborate with another network.
  • Conduct a “Bite of Reality” with at least three credit unions.

By fulfilling these items before October 1, your network will receive recognition as a Network of Excellence at the Leadership Summit in October.

New Network names and chair contact information for idea sharing and collaborative efforts include the following (in California):

Those in Nevada include:

  • Northern Nevada Network: TBD
  • Southern Nevada Network: Megan Pieper, WestStar CU,

Save the Date for Leadership Summit
The Leadership Summit is October 22 – 23 at the front end of the REACH 2023 conference in Las Vegas, NV! More information coming soon. Save the date!

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