Leagues and PolicyWorks Acquire New GRC Software Platform

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Over several years, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have recognized the growing complexity and challenges credit unions face in the compliance and risk arena. The Leagues have also witnessed the expansion of compliance departments to include responsibilities not only in compliance but in the areas of governance and risk.

To help with those challenges, in 2015 the Leagues became a minority owner in PolicyWorks LLC, a nationally known credit union compliance provider. Since then, PolicyWorks has been the Leagues’ compliance services provider, equipping member credit unions with compliance support and solutions, including the compliance hotline, customized compliance consulting, and audit and review services.

As the Leagues continue to look for ways to expand compliance solutions for our member credit unions, it was announced that the Leagues and PolicyWorks LLC have acquired ViClarity, a technology solutions company, to help credit unions manage these compliance challenges, and bring an innovative governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management platform to our member credit unions.

ViClarity’s technology provides an innovative and customizable platform, tailored to meet each credit union’s needs. The platform supports a full suite of solutions needed to manage all areas of a credit union’s GRC program (governance, risk, compliance).

The goal of the platform is to replace a credit union’s traditional spreadsheets or other manual processes with an automated tool that can help to quickly identify, monitor, score and report on risk and compliance topics. Together, PolicyWorks and ViClarity will make GRC management easier by offering the consulting services PolicyWorks is known for, paired with the automation ViClarity can provide.

Soon, credit unions will have several opportunities to view demo webinars of this new innovative platform. Credit unions can also read more about PolicyWorks and ViClarity by clicking here and by referring to these FAQs (frequently asked questions).

The Leagues look forward to continuing to build off a great suite of compliance tools, with a robust technology platform. Credit unions can stay tuned for more ViClarity details coming in the near future.

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