The 2020 Candidate Slate is Now Live

Candidate Slate

The 2020 Candidate Slate is now live—just in time for the Feb. 22 Nevada Democratic Caucus and the March 3 California Primaries.

This interactive credit union voter guide is designed to help you make decisions on which candidates to support. All you have to do is simply type in your home or credit union address and it will display your state districts up for election. Feel free to share this information with your staff. For the growth of our industry, we want to ensure the election of legislators who are supportive of credit union issues.

To access the Slate, you may either go to the League App or click here (and use your League login information).

We know that this election year is especially tumultuous, but please remember—your vote counts, especially for the down-ticket races. No matter your political leaning, we hope everyone makes it out to the polls.

For more information on the 2020 Candidate Slate or the upcoming elections, please contact League Manager of Political Advocacy Heather deNecochea at (916) 325-1364.

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