Latest Forecasts: North Bay, Greater LA-OC, and Central Valley

Hand holding map of California

Separated by hundreds of miles, the North Bay, greater Los Angeles-Orange County, and Central Valley regions are noticeably different from each other.

Yet they are very similar in one respect: Local business leaders are preparing for a recession even as local and regional indicators show the broader economy just might keep growing well into 2021 and 2022. Fundamentals remain strong, but the Coronavirus pandemic is throwing a curveball into 2020 planning and strategy for many localities.

That’s according to the most recent forecast presented and published by leading economists, experts and leaders in each region, including individuals from Sonoma State University, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., Chamber Business Alliance of North Orange County, Beacon Economics, and Craig School of Business at Fresno State University (Cal State Fresno).

The keynote speakers’ opinions spotlight intriguing viewpoints, trends and projections so your credit union can plan appropriately:

Click here to view the latest North Bay Region economic forecast.

Click here to view the latest Los Angeles-Orange County economic forecast.

Click here to view the latest Central Valley economic forecast.

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