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Boost Member Engagement with ‘Save To Win’

Talk about a Win-Win!

Credit unions have a fundamental focus on improving members’ financial health. Is your credit union looking to attract new members and boost member engagement while adhering to that core mission? Credit union members are looking to engage with institutions that support their financial wellness but are also looking for innovative, fun, and exciting solutions to help them achieve financial success.

Save To Win is a fun, easy, and risk-free way to incentivize positive financial habits while driving them closer to your organization and differentiating your brand! Imagine being able to offer your members a chance to win cash prizes just for saving money at your credit union! Your members win by being rewarded for positive financial behaviors, and your credit union wins by delivering a unique solution that helps you deepen member relationships and grow wallet share.

No Risk – Huge Opportunity! 

Everyone loves a chance to win! Members are spending their hard-earned money playing the lottery in hopes to win big cash prizes. But the chance of winning the lottery is low, and the risk of losing their investment is very high!

Save To Win brings members that thrill of a lottery, but without the risk! Members get to keep the money they invested, earning potential higher rates of returns, and earn chances to win big cash prizes! Each $25 a member saves earns them an entry into monthly and quarterly drawings to win up to $5,000 in many states.

Want to learn more about how Save To Win can benefit your members? Reach out today for more information by emailing

CU Solutions is a business partner of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. 

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