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Keith Sultemeier, President and CEO of Kinecta FCU
Keith Sultemeier, President and CEO of Kinecta FCU

Kinecta FCU CEO: Opportunities & Challenges in Indirect Autos

Keith Sultemeier, president and CEO of Kinecta FCU, talks about the latest challenges and opportunities in today’s indirect auto lending market in a recently posted ON With Origence podcast interview — brought to you by Origence.

Sultemeier shares the strategy behind Kinecta FCU’s switch to Origence indirect lending and how that transition allowed internal teams to improve automated approvals without compromising their underwriting standards.

He also discusses:

  • The indirect auto lending program specifics at Kinecta FCU, how the program started, and where it stands today.
  • Principles that Kinecta FCU has learned that have been built upon to achieve further indirect auto lending success.
  • Growth opportunities in indirect auto lending, and the perception of indirect lending by credit union leaders who are unsure of jumping into this opportunity.
  • The debate over indirect auto lending from different angles (volume versus margin), and advice for a credit union considering getting into indirect auto lending.

Listen to “Growing Indirect Lending” on the ON With Origence podcast to learn what it takes to achieve indirect lending success.

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