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Participants at the 2022 Chapter Forum last year, hosted by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.
Participants at the 2022 Chapter Forum last year, hosted by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

Leagues Launch ‘Networks’ to Strengthen the CU Movement

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are excited to officially announce League Networks — formerly known as Chapters. This new Networks program focuses on the professional development, networking, and collaboration of credit union professionals within a designated geographical area.

Your staff’s participation in Networks is a win for your entire credit union! Please email Elise Schexnayder and let the Leagues know the right individual(s) at your credit union who we should keep informed regarding Network updates for your local region. Having representation from your credit union will reveal opportunities that you may otherwise be missing out on.

About ‘League Networks’
Networks will focus on strengthening the credit union movement through utilizing the robust and extensive structure of the Leagues’ existing local chapter system across California. Our foundational pillars include:

  • Developing credit union advocates to shape the credit union movement.
  • Supporting financial wellness.
  • Collaborating to strengthen alignment, purpose, and inclusion.
  • Remembering that in everything we do, credit unions are not for profit, not for charity — but for service to each other and credit union members.

“Many successful programs change over time to better serve their end-users,” said Elise Schexnayder, solutions and membership manager for the Leagues. “Apple introduced the innovative iPod in 2001, and we have watched as the technology behind the iPod was redesigned to fit into an iPhone to better serve its end-user. Systems can — and should — evolve to meet the needs of the individuals using and benefiting from them.”

Why the Change?
Through feedback in direct meetings with credit unions, focus groups, and many discussions at industry events, the Leagues recognize the need to modify its former chapter program so credit unions and their biggest industry supporters can find ways to foster better relationships and communication in today’s ever-changing economy and financial services marketplace.

In 2022, the Chapter Liaison team led an ad hoc committee comprised of Chapter leaders to build the framework, including mission, pillars, and the name of a new program. In November of 2022 during the Leagues’ annual Chapter Forum, leaders were presented with a new mission and set their sights on solving the needs of what Networks should look like in the credit union space.

“The chapter program has historically provided participants engagement and leadership opportunities to help advance their careers and enhance their involvement in the industry,” said Larry Palochik, executive vice president of the Leagues. “This change and renewed network program will assist us in doubling down on that crucial and dynamic aspect of helping develop the next generation of credit union advocates and leaders.”

What’s Next?
Please get involved! In the coming months, the Leagues and local credit union leaders will continue to build Networks to serve professionals in new and inventive ways so the industry can best prepare credit unions and their leaders for the future of our movement.

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