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Lessons of Generation Flux — Succeeding in an Age of Chaos

Our business reality has been permanently adjusted. The challenges of the “BC” era — before coronavirus — were already acute, with intense competition, generational shifts, and tech-fueled uncertainties. Today the pressures are even more severe, and the stakes even higher. Succeeding in this environment may require a new kind of playbook.

Drawing on in-depth interviews with the world’s top CEOs and business leaders, journalist and strategic adviser Bob Safian offers a framework for addressing these unprecedented times, by following a mindset he calls “Generation Flux.” Presenting clear, engaging and often-unexpected lessons, Safian delves into the personal, practical learnings of leaders from Airbnb to GM to Nike. Bringing to life the insights that matter the most, this session illuminates how we may refine the equation for success to create a better future.

Lessons of Generation Flux — Succeeding in an Age of Chaos
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023
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Key takeaways:

  • For all today’s dislocations, now is an ideal moment to inspire and reshape a career, a team, an organization
  • You may move faster and more flexibly than you think you can
  • Should principle-based decisions outweigh business-based decisions?

Embracing the right mindset could be the ultimate competitive advantage.

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