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Like the California Chamber, CUs Can Sign ‘Equal Pay Pledge’

For credit unions who wish to make the same pledge, the California Chamber of Commerce recently signed California’s Equal Pay Pledge, which underscores its commitment — and endorsement of efforts — to “close the gender pay gap” according to the chamber’s announcement.

The announcement states that companies signing the Equal Pay Pledge “commit to”:

  • Conduct an annual internal company-wide gender pay analysis.
  • Review hiring and promotion processes and procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers to equality.
  • Promote equal pay best practices.

The CalChamber’s pledge builds on its support for closing the gender pay gap. The CalChamber supported the 2015 Fair Pay Act authored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson which requires employers to pay employees, regardless of gender, equal pay for performing substantially similar duties unless the employer can show the pay discrepancies are based on seniority, merit, experience, education, training, or any other bona fide factor. It also allows employees to share compensation information with one another without fear of retaliation.

Free White Paper Available
To help employers better understand their legal obligations, the CalChamber has released a free white paper that outlines pay equity-focused requirements in California with an emphasis on employer compliance issues, tips, and best practices.

The California’s Focus on Pay Equity Increases Responsibilities for Employers white paper includes:

  • Equal Pay Act basics.
  • Salary history restrictions.
  • Pay disclosure requirements.
  • Pay data reporting for large employers.
  • Tips and best practices for complying with pay equity laws.

To download the free white paper, click here.

Companies wishing to sign the California Equal Pay Pledge are encouraged to visit Take the Equal Pay Pledge Today! | CCSWG (

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