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Workplace Violence Prevention Resources

The California Credit Union League has formed a strategic partnership with AALRR to provide League members access to the AALRR Credit Union WVPP ToolKit™ at a discounted price. This AALRR Credit Union WVPP ToolKit™ is a framework for workplace violence prevention compliance within the requirements of SB 553 that took effect July 1, 2024.

AALRR employment and Cal/OSHA attorneys have developed a suggested framework to assist employers in the credit union environment in the creation of the required Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP). The AALRR Credit Union WVPP ToolKit provides basic information about vulnerable settings/hazards and/or occupations, employer/employee roles in prevention and protection, and recommendations for response to violent incidents.

The ToolKit specific for credit unions will highlight the vital framework of a compliant WVPP such as:

  • Policy Statement – A general policy statement of the credit union’s refusal to tolerate any form of violence in the workplace and making every effort to prevent violent incidents from occurring by implementing a WVPP.
  • Applicable Definitions – The definitions of workplace violence, including the types of workplace violence that employees must be trained on.
  • Responsibility – The person(s) responsible for the Plan and how employees can be actively involved in developing the Plan.
  • Coordination – How the credit union will coordinate their Plan with any other employers whose employees work at their facilities.
  • Communication – The processes and procedures the credit union will use to communicate with its employees, and how employees can communicate their concerns, thoughts and suggestions to the credit union.
  • Compliance – Provides that employees are responsible and will be held accountable for using safe work practices, following all directives, policies and procedures, and assisting in maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
  • Reports of Workplace Violence – The procedures the credit union will use to accept reports of workplace violence, and how employees can report violence to law enforcement.
  • Response to Workplace Violence – How the credit union will respond to workplace violence, including workplace violence emergencies.
  • Hazard Assessment and Correction – How the credit union will perform inspections, identify and correct hazards.
  • Record Keeping – The records the credit union must keep, including the new Workplace Violent Incident Log.
  • Review – The credit union and designated employees must review the Plan annually and when any incident of violence occurs.
  • Training and Instruction – The required training that all employees must receive, including the required training intervals.
  • Incident Investigation – The procedures for investigating incidents of workplace violence threats and physical injury and communicating the results of the investigation to the required parties, including involved employees.

 Learn more about the ToolKit here. 

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