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New League Website Champions & Supports Our CU Movement

Following its commitment to serve credit unions and be a driver of progress and change, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are excited to launch a NEW user-friendly website with a fresh look and easy-to-access information!

Industry leaders can conveniently navigate the resources they need to serve members, lead operations, educate staff, professionally develop, and advocate for the credit union movement.

“As we remain committed to credit unions and the individuals they serve, we have enhanced the Leagues’ website to be more personalized, organized, easier to maneuver, and more relevant,” said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the Leagues. “We want to make sure our site is representative of YOU — our members — as well as serve your needs with everything we provide California credit unions and Nevada credit unions each year.”

Whether it’s advocacy, compliance, education, solutions or news, industry leaders can count on the Leagues’ website to help them defend, support, and enhance their credit union’s strategy and awareness, as well as improve operations so they can thrive. Driving credit unions’ mission forward through challenges and opportunities with the right networking groups and education was in focus when the new site was developed.

Even more: Tailoring vetted solutions and promoting an open and diverse environment to strengthen individual credit unions’ service to their own members remains front and center as the new site serves its unique purpose for industry leaders and professionals.

“For nine decades, we have played an important role in ensuring the sustained health of our member credit unions,” said Larry Palochik, executive vice president of the Leagues. “Our new website is one additional way we are making sure our members can comfortably and efficiently connect with the right resources, information, and news that they need at a moment’s notice. We are excited about our site’s launch and look forward to engaging our members through our continued online presence.”

League members across California and Nevada will enjoy a smooth and straightforward transition to the following areas on the website:

  • Advocacy Blog, Recent Wins, and Project Zip Code.
  • Educational Calendar, eTrain Learning Platform, and Power Learner Passport.
  • Compliance, Solutions, and CU Career Connections.
  • Communications, Essentials, Learning, and Media (CU Weekly, Members in the News, Press Releases, Diana’s CEO Calls, Risk Alerts, Shapiro Group, Chapters, Social Impact, Financial Wellbeing, and Credit Unions for Kids).
  • Action, Crisis Response, and Becoming a Member.
  • Engage and Learn, Partner, and Connect.
  • Richard Myles Johnson Foundation.
  • League Governance, Credit Union Awards, and Credit Union Movement.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have difficulty accessing any previously bookmarked links to our site, please update your bookmarks to For questions, email Joe Keller.

Like any website redesign and launch, improvements and modifications will be ongoing to best serve YOU, our member credit unions. We are honored to announce this site and look forward to serving you in the coming new year!

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