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Success in Sacramento: Latest California ‘Suspense File’ Bills

This week, California’s Senate Appropriations and Assembly Appropriations committees held their suspense committee hearings, where they quickly dispense with legislative bills that are keyed “fiscal” and given a high price tag.

Bills can either pass out of committee as is, or with amendments, or be held in committee — meaning a bill is dead and not moving forward. Between both committees, more than 1,000 pieces of legislation were taken up on suspense.

The following are a few notable wins on California Credit Union League-engaged bills:

League-Opposed Bills Held in Committee: Not Moving Forward
Assembly Bills 3204 and 2751:

  • Assembly Bill 3204 (Bauer-Kahan): Data Digesters Registration Act — This overly broad and burdensome bill would have required covered entities that train artificial intelligence using personal information defined as data digesters to register with the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), pay a registration fee, and provide specified information.
  • Assembly Bill 2751 (Haney): employer communications during non-working hours — This “right to disconnect” bill would have subjected employees to a rigid working schedule and prohibited communication between employers and employees absent an emergency. The League was concerned with the workability, scope, and overly broad nature of the bill.

League-Supported Bills Passing Committee: Moving Forward
Assembly Bills 2927 and 2004:

  • Assembly Bill 2927 (McCarty): pupil instruction and high school graduation requirements (personal finance) — This would require public high school students, including charter schools, to take a one-semester course in personal finance as a graduation requirement, starting with the 2031 graduating class.
  • Assembly Bill 2004 (Petrie-Norris): county recorder and recordation of documents — This is a clean-up bill for remote online notarization (RON) to ensure all counties in California can utilize RON.

Looking ahead, the League is approaching the halfway mark in California’s 2024 legislative session. Next week, there will only be floor-session held before the “house of origin” deadline, meaning all bills must pass out of their original house by May 24.

The League continues to work on numerous bills in California — most importantly Senate Bill 1075 — and will provide additional updates moving forward. In the meantime, please continue to Connect for the Cause on SB 1075 and reach out to the League’s advocacy team with any questions.

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