CUs Await ‘REACH 2020’ Kickoff on Monday: Live and Archived Access

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While this year’s Virtual REACH conference is discounted more than 60 percent from previous years, you need to register by TODAY to ensure your “Snack Box” is mailed out! Also, registrants have archived access to recorded sessions after they end.

Whether it’s strategic planning, marketing, lending, operations, data and security, or forecasting the economy and industry’s outlook, Virtual REACH 2020 promises something for EVERY credit union professional — with up to $95 per-person discounts for credit union team registrations. You can also join the “Leaderboard” for a chance to win one of 12 prizes, including the iPad grand prize and the Mystery Box.

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have lined up a stellar five days (three flexible hours each day) packed with a diverse educational experience for all credit union leaders and staff on Oct. 26, Oct. 28 – 29, and Nov. 4 – 5. Five keynote speakers, 24 REACHtalks and Spark Sessions, and 11 Breakout Sessions are included in Virtual REACH 2020.

This year’s event has never been as attainable, feasible, practical and useful as the Leagues pivot forward during unprecedented times to deliver you valuable insights on (click here for full agenda):

Strategic Planning

  • JUST ADDED! Global Women’s Leadership Network: Critical Impact in Critical Times — Founded on DEI principles, this premier World Council of Credit Unions program has seen incredible expansion and growth worldwide. Learn why this initiative is even more important in the future.
  • New Rules for a New World — Insights to successfully navigate this period of change and how to create a playbook for your own transformation.
  • Turning Setbacks into Comebacks — Develop the mindset that winners use to overcome tough times and discover opportunities.
  • The Credit Union Difference: A Leadership Chat with Diana Dykstra — Credit union leaders will discuss and celebrate our movement, share positive lessons learned, and offer takeaways that will lead our credit unions into the future.
  • Building an Inclusive Organization in a Divided World — Explore the importance of moving beyond political correctness to trust, authenticity, and honesty for a fully inclusive workplace and help participants identify their personal responsibility for creating this culture (no matter their role or demographics).
  • Innovative Companies are Transforming — As new technologies disrupt industries faster than ever, driving change from within is critical to success.
  • Today’s Real Estate Journey — Technology has changed the way homebuyers behave. Everywhere you look, there are one-stop shops for all your members’ real estate and mortgage needs. Are you the solution they seek out?
  • Aging Parents and their Caregivers: A Multicultural Perspective for Credit Unions — Discover how to offer meaningful products and services that support an aging membership and their caregivers.


  • The Curiosity Factor — Learn the simple psychological phenomena creative brands employ to earn and own attention in a noisy world.
  • The New Marketing Paradigm for 2020 and Beyond — Hear from marketing leaders on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed their strategies, the way they interact with members, and much more.

Lending and Operations

  • JUST ADDED! Leveraging Today’s Digital Landscape for a Transformational Experience — Discover how unified technology can dramatically transform the experience for both the borrower and the lender.
  • Build a Liquidity Lifeline for Desperate Members as the Pandemic Stretches On — Get the facts and best practices in developing an inclusive, responsible small dollar lending lifeline for members.
  • The Future of Auto Lending — With fewer people going into branches/dealerships and contactless auto buying, what are the trends in 2021 and beyond?
  • Payment Trends and Winning Member Engagement — Take a look at current trends in payments, how they may play out in the future, and how digital payments have accelerated during the pandemic.
  • Payments Transformation: The Movement to Instant Payments — The Movement to Instant Payments: Take a deeper look at the comparison of instant payments in the U.S. versus what other countries are currently doing, and who some of the key players are and their roles.
  • Contactless Self-Service Solutions to Meet Member Expectations — Take a look at practical use cases of contactless, self-service, and remote technologies and how credit unions have utilized these solutions to minimize in-person interactions, ensure appropriate physical distancing, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Making Business Process Automation Work for You — Discovery why there are so many systems, yet the work is still manual, how system integration can help keep you competitive, and the keys to consolidation and keeping up with third-party solutions.
  • 4 Accelerating Trends in P2P Payments — Like every digital engagement channel, P2P payments has experienced a dramatic uptick in usage since the pandemic. Discover four key trends that have the strongest potential impact to the credit union industry.
  • Digital Convenience: Creating a Connected Experience — What is a connected experience? Discover a technology 'game changer' that will enhance your members’ experience while driving engagement and loyalty.

Data and Security

  • The Evolving Security Landscape — Have a one-on-one conversation with a cybersecurity expert about the latest cyber security risks that organizations and their customers are facing.
  • What to Stop, What to Keep, and What to Start — Develop a framework to assess your credit union's current data condition.
  • Data Analytics in Action — See firsthand data analytics in action with the Trellance data analytics platform M360.

Market Outlook

  • U.S. Economic Outlook and Its Impact on Credit Unions — Explore the possible depth and duration of this economic crisis and what impact it will have on credit union balance sheets and income statements for the next two years.
  • Beyond 2020: Seeing the Future for California, Members and Employees — Get the latest data and forecasts for the U.S., California, and Nevada economies and how 2021 to 2023 may unfold as COVID-19's effects continue to linger.
  • 2020 Market Outlook: Politics, Pandemics, and Big Possibilities in a Divided World — Discuss the impact of the pandemic and the political cycle’s influence on financial markets in simple, entertaining terms. Special emphasis will be placed on the outlook for savers and investors.

You also won’t want to miss the RMJ Silent Auction, League Award winners, and 32 exhibitors who help make our annual conference possible. Don’t wait — REGISTER TODAY for Monday’s kickoff!

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