Networking. Leadership. Fun.

One way the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues support member credit unions on a local level is through the Chapter System, which consists of 21 regions, where credit union leaders come together to help make an impact in their local credit union community. Chapters help facilitate the League’s goals by providing member credit unions with resources at a regional level. Individual credit union professional/board members gain valuable information to move them along in their professional growth and responsibilities, management skills are strengthened, and the credit union movement’s cooperative spirit and unique philosophy are nurtured and preserved.

Each Chapter determines how they can best serve their community, but the League offers support and guidance in order to ensure we continue the credit union movement's cooperative spirit and we preserve and nurture our philosophy.

A chapter's board of governors board:

  • Plans events that bring meaning to its local area
  • Supports personal development and professional growth of the individual participants
  • Offers networking opportunities

Annually, in conjunction with the REACH conference, we invite the chapter leaders to come together for a forum where we honor their hard work, thank them for volunteering and help guide them along their paths as they plan for the new year.


For more information on Chapters, please contact Elise Schexnayder at