Sacramento (March 12, 2024): The California Credit Union League’s Sacramento Valley Network recently hosted a dynamic panel discussion featuring influential credit union CEOs who offered profound insights into their careers and the evolving credit union industry landscape.

Moderated by Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, the panel dove deep into personal anecdotes, professional journeys, and pressing challenges facing the credit union community.

“We want to thank these credit union leaders for sharing invaluable perspectives on both personal and professional fronts,” Dykstra said. “We were honored to have them shed light on industry dynamics, their career trajectories, and the shifting terrain of credit unions.”

Joining Dykstra on the panel were Bill Cheney, chief executive officer for SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union; Ron Sweeney, CEO of Sierra Central Credit Union; Donna Bland, CEO of Golden 1 Credit Union; and Shonna Shearson, CEO of First U.S. Community Credit Union.

Together, these luminaries represent 2.5 million credit union members across California and assets exceeding $52 billion. The California Credit Union League, spearheaded by Dykstra, advocates for credit unions that (combined) represent more than 13.5 million members across California and nearly $250 billion in assets.

The event drew an impressive crowd of credit union staff, volunteers, and industry partners and vendors, exceeding expectations with robust attendance. Panelists engaged in candid discussions, offering critical insights on a wide array of topics pertinent to the industry, including regulatory challenges, technological advancements, and member engagement strategies.

Reflecting on the event’s significance, Jason Stiles — vice president of loan participations for SchoolsFirst FCU and chair of the Leagues’ Sacramento Valley Network — emphasized the pivotal role of such gatherings in fostering knowledge exchange and industry camaraderie.

“Bringing together a multitude of credit union leaders for our annual Sacramento Valley Network event enriches our collective understanding and fortifies our commitment to serving our communities,” Stiles said.

The Sacramento Valley Network — and all of the Leagues’ Networks across California and Nevada — exist to strengthen the credit union movement through professional development and collaboration. League Networks develop credit union advocates to shape the credit union movement, support financial wellness, collaborate to strengthen alignment, purpose and inclusion, and provide service to each other.

California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues
Headquartered in Ontario, California, the Leagues exist to help credit unions change people’s lives by supporting their operations, guidance, strategy and philosophy. Our trade association helps local credit unions in California serve more than 13.5 million members and those in Nevada serve nearly 400,000 members. Credit unions are for people, not profit!

Karla Davis
Vice President of Communications and Marketing
California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

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