Stimulus Checks

Second round of economic impact payments (EIPs) not subject to administrative offset for past-due federal or state debts and are protected from bank garnishment or levy by private creditors or debt collectors.

For more information, please reference: Message from the League dated 01/06/21 - CUs’ Vaccine Prioritization, PPP, and Stimulus Payments

Verify U.S. Treasury stimulus checks

Credit unions can use the Treasury Check Information (TCIS) Check Verification site. In addition, the website contains information on U.S. Treasury Check Security Features. The Secret Service and Treasury have also issued a document that highlights Treasury check security features.

Cashing stimulus checks for non-member consumers

There is nothing in the CARES Act that requires credit unions to cash CARES Act stimulus checks for non-member consumers. However, both federal (§701.30) and California state licensed credit unions (14800.1) may cash checks for non-member consumers that are in the credit union’s field of membership.