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Leveraging the power in numbers.

We support the credit union cause by directly connecting your supporters to state and federal legislators. We are dedicated to educating elected officials and their communities about the credit union difference, as it is extremely valuable to our movement’s political voice. For more information, contact Senior Vice President, Federal Government Affairs Stephanie Cuevas at

Raising money for League PAC is crucial to the success of our member credit unions and their members. PAC stands for Political Action Committee. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues have registered Political Action Committees. They raise contributions from credit union leaders and members, and contribute to candidates at the local, state and national level who support credit unions.

The California Credit Union League hosts regional advocacy meetings and workshops to strengthen credit union grassroots and advocacy efforts. These include briefings from the League’s advocacy team on upcoming event opportunities, the importance of our political action committee, and legislative priorities, as well as workshops to strengthen communication skills for effective legislative meetings and building relationships with community leaders.

Connect for the Cause is the League’s web-based advocacy network for all credit union supporters to advocate for our issues. Connect for the Cause allows credit union supporters to communicate quickly and directly with their Member of Congress or State Legislators concerning important issues that affect our industry.

A useful and secure online app that counts your members and matches them to a congressional district, state legislative district and county. They are then combined with data from other credit unions nationwide. Credit unions can view the number of members by geographic area, which can be useful in placing ATMs and shared branching. Download the user manual here.

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