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Q2 GRC Tech Solutions Webinar: Transform Your Compliance Program from Reactive to Proactive

May 2, 2024  | Presentation has concluded

So many rules and regulations to follow—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Have you considered leveraging technology to help stay on top of your compliance to-dos and make sure you’re prepared for exams?

Learn from California and Nevada Credit Union League partner ViClarity about their software solution that helps credit unions centralize and automate task tracking across teams and branches to gain clarity on successes and weaknesses, manage corrective actions and report on progress. ViClarity platform users benefit from a more consistent and efficient compliance monitoring program and dynamic, real-time reporting.

Learn how you can leverage a secure, cloud-based technology platform to:

  • Proactively manage your compliance activities all in one place
  • Reduce manual work to save staff time while meeting regulatory requirements
  • Centralize and automate processes across multiple teams and locations
  • Get visual clarity on your compliance successes and weaknesses
  • Generate useful reports on your processes and corrective action plans
  • Collaborate with compliance experts for extra confidence that your processes are up to regulators’ standards

Crystal Streeper

Sr. Compliance Officer & Training Coordinator, ViClarity

Sarah Lewis

Manager of Project Implementation, ViClarity

Joe Keller

VP of Membership and CU Solutions, California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues


Q2 GRC Tech Solutions Webinar: Transform Your Compliance Program from Reactive to Proactive


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About the GRC Tech Solutions Webinar Series Powered by ViClarity

ViClarity’s team of compliance and risk experts stand behind their configurable, easy-to-use technology solutions that help credit unions reduce manual processes and meet regulatory requirements. This series will guide you through audit, risk and compliance scenarios and provide practical solutions to help you prepare for examiners and operate more efficiently.

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