About the California, Nevada, and Utah Alliance

To address the compression in the industry and ensure that state leagues and associations remain strong in representing and supporting credit unions, the California and Nevada Boards engaged in strategic planning to broaden partnerships with additional Leagues. After exploring this broader collaboration with various leaders, Diana and Scott, together with the Boards in California, Nevada, and Utah, began planning for a new alliance that would create an expanded collaboration building on the success of the 28-year California and Nevada partnership model.

The structure of the alliance is distinct from the mainstream approach of league evolution, which typically seeks scale through mergers. The alliance model emphasizes partnership and collaboration, ensuring that control, voice, and affinity remain at the state level. This approach maintains a strong focus on advocacy while driving efficiency and leveraging resources for services and support.

Deliver Superior Local Advocacy

We know advocacy is the foundation on which leagues are built, and the success of our organizations going forward centers around maximizing focus and impact in the advocacy arena. 

It is critical to protect and amplify local affinity and culture in our respective state-and-federal legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts. Ensuring that each league is independently governed by its own board of directors provides a model that ensures strong local advocacy to meet the unique needs of our credit unions and marketplace in each state.

Although each league remains independent, we will leverage new efficiencies, scale, and collaborative opportunities bringing numerous benefits that will enhance the resources dedicated to advocacy, maximizing effectiveness and impact.

Deliver Top-Tier Support for Leagues and Credit Unions

This new alliance is an opportunity to strengthen our full suite of capabilities and expand upon our value while driving efficiencies. By combining the support and services side of the business, we will operate at a new scale and leverage synergies to better support the leagues and our credit unions. We expect the integration to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, and enable us to serve the leagues and our credit unions even more effectively.

Organizational Evaluations, Budgets, and Transition Period

We are currently assessing all three organizations, evaluating all resources, personnel, and the current business models. We know there will be some redundancies, and we will redeploy resources effectively and efficiently to support the future needs of the organizations and credit unions.

In the coming months, each league will independently and jointly conduct planning sessions to vision the future state for our organizations. We will establish budgets and an execution plan according to a joint management committee co-established by each state’s board. While our execution has begun, completion of this transformative alliance will likely extend into 2025. The timeline is fluid and allows for compression or expansion as needed. As planned, Diana Dykstra will retire on July 1, 2024, and Scott Simpson will assume the role of President and CEO of all three leagues.

Credit unions will remain members of their state league. Our joint support and services operations are meant to be seamless. Maintaining continuity of service is critical, and optimizing our leadership and legacy for all member credit unions is our top priority.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping California, Nevada, and Utah credit unions change people’s lives, creating a vibrant ecosystem tailored to meet their unique needs. Safeguarding and enriching our operating environment remain paramount, where locally controlled credit union trade associations thrive and collaborate to empower growth and prosperity.

We appreciate our credit unions’ continued support and trust in the Leagues. We are here to address any issues or questions that may arise and will continue working diligently to ensure this alliance benefits all members. Thank you for your continued partnership and membership in the Leagues.

If you have any questions please contact Scott Simpson, CEO.

Alliance Overview

Building on 28-year California & Nevada partnership model

Diana Dykstra will retire on July 1, and Scott Simpson will assume the role of President and CEO of all three leagues.

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