What is the value of League Membership?

We exist to help California and Nevada credit unions change people’s lives by supporting your staff, volunteers, operations, awareness, guidance, strategy and philosophy. This is evident as we all work through the pandemic to assist consumers. Through a network committed to relevant results, we empower all credit unions to speak with one voice to their respective state legislatures, local members of U.S. Congress, state and federal regulators, and society at large. Every year’s political accomplishments build upon the prior, making a perpetual impact on credit unions that continu­ally reap those benefits.

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Member Benefits

Why are some member credit unions so excited to be members? Here are some recent reasons:

  • The League has been integral in all thing’s advocacy, especially during Covid (three non-member credit unions have decided to join just based on our advocacy efforts related to Covid). This includes communication with state and federal elected officials.
  • Asset Based Services are available to credit unions CEOs to connect and ask questions of their peers. The Shapiro Group serves credit unions with assets below $239 million. The Mid-Size Group serves credit unions with asset sizes between $239 million – $1 billion, and the Summit Roundtable serves our largest credit unions. These collaborative communities allow CEOs to share information and connect to hear what others are doing so they can take appropriate and strategic steps at their own credit unions.
  • Connect for the Cause allows credit union employees and even members to get involved politically.
  • Compliance Hotline—This is huge! We have many members who say this benefit alone is worth the membership dues. The hotline can be reached by phone or email and answers compliance related questions. One credit union decided to make this “Step One” for all compliance/legal questions and saved more than they pay in dues annually because they had previously been calling their attorney for too many questions.
  • Bi-Weekly CEO Calls—The League holdsCEO calls every other week. We have anywhere from 50-150 credit unions on the call each session and the participants have asked that we keep this going indefinitely. It helps everyone to get different perspectives and give the League action items to allow you to concentrate on running your operation and let us handle the regulators and legislators.
  • Discounts with the League’s Business Partners—Many of our partners offer discounts and extra benefits to League members, such as TruStage, ViClarity, Humanidei and our partners through CUNA Strategic Services and Amazon Business. In addition, we do all the legwork in finding a new partner, so you don’t have to research a bunch of companies to determine the best products and services for your money. One of our newer partners is Zest AI, who recently unveiled a unique program centered around smaller credit unions, a large ask from our members in the past few years.
  • Western CUNA Management School

  • Shapiro GrantsClick here to determine where you will start.

The Value of Advocacy

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