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The First Quarter 2023 Credit Union Quarterly Performance Report for California and Nevada has been released! This is a valuable resource your credit union can use as it plans for 2024.

Brought to you by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, this comprehensive report is created every quarter specifically for C-level executives, senior management, and board directors. It’s one way the Leagues are equipping member credit unions with the data they need to accurately benchmark their credit union’s performance to others across the state.

Included is information and data on:

  • California, Nevada, and U.S. trends (5-year breakdown).
  • Industry demographic snapshots and growth rates/portfolio analysis.
  • Earnings, capital adequacy, and asset quality.
  • Asset/liability management, productivity, and structure.

This report is just one of multiple endeavors the Leagues are always fine-tuning to help member credit unions navigate the future, including local industry trends on loans, deposits and membership; expertise on economic trends, movement in the financial markets; interest rate expectations; and regional economic forecasts and news.

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