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CA League Endorses 2024 Financial Education Ballot Initiative

As credit unions in California look ahead to the 2024 election season, the California Credit Union League is excited to endorse the California Personal Finance Education Initiative!

This week, the initiative reached the 25-percent threshold for signatures and is on its way to qualify for the 2024 voter’s ballot.

Credit unions have been advocating for financial literacy to be part of high school curriculum throughout the state for several years. In the California State Legislature, the League and credit unions haven’t had much success in getting significant financial literacy policy proposals passed, although many state legislators and policymakers have always supported credit unions’ high school financial literacy philosophy.

Now, the League and credit unions across the state have a chance to take this issue to the voters with a 2024 ballot initiative. The initiative would require California high school students to take a personal finance course as a high school graduation requirement.

For more information and how to get involved, click here!

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