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Attendees of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' inaugural Mid-Sized CU Forum.
Attendees of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' inaugural Mid-Sized CU Forum.

CEOs Engage, Collaborate, and Network at ‘Mid-Sized CU Forum’

CEOs and leaders from more than 15 credit unions and industry partners were represented at the inaugural Mid-Sized CU Forum this past Wednesday — an event created this year exclusively for credit unions ranging from $239 million to $1 billion in assets.

“We were honored to provide CEOs in this middle-asset range a uniquely designed event that explored distinctive topics and issues to overcome challenges in today’s every-changing financial services landscape,” said Larry Palochik, executive vice president of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “Mid-sized credit unions continue playing an essential role in today’s marketplace as they balance future growth and current-day opportunities.”

Attendees were able to learn, collaborate, and network — and eventually take special mid-size credit union insights back to the senior management and boards of directors. Interaction with fellow CEOs helped everyone better understand how credit unio members in this middle-asset group are being served across California and Nevada, and how strategic, operational and financial decisions are being made in light of today’s opportunities.

This inaugural event was hosted at VISA Global Headquarters in Foster City, CA and served as the Leagues’ first foray into an engaging and educational journey on issues specifically impacting these credit unions. As credit unions of all asset sizes and local footprints across California and Nevada continue leading the way in meeting their members’ unique needs, a great majority in the middle have found themselves growing larger — yet not necessarily hitting the definition of “large” in today’s increasing asset-size environment.

Through thought-provoking discussions, attendees engaged in interactive talks to explore the unique opportunities and threats faced by mid-sized credit unions. During best-practices sharing, they also discovered successful and innovative approaches adopted by leading credit unions to leverage opportunities and address threats. Exchanging knowledge and experiences and gaining practical takeaways were top-of-mind.

Collaborative problem solving was also in focus as the opportunity to collaborate with industry peers and experts to address common challenges was on full display. A roundtable format encouraged open dialogue, allowing participants to collectively brainstorm solutions, share lessons learned, and explore collaborative opportunities.

Overall, attendees explored strategies, shared experiences, and fostered collaboration in navigating challenges to capitalize on opportunities that lie ahead. Valuable networking moments were cherished as those attending built connections and expanded their CEO network.

“There’s an exceptional opportunity for these credit union leaders to collaborate on shared practices, strategies, and leadership going forward — together,” Palochik said. “This middle-asset tier has always included a unique set of leaders who face unique circumstances. It’s an evolving asset range of leaders who continue to be increasingly important as mid-size credit unions continue making consumer relevance, member service, and financial wellbeing top priorities within their local communities every year.”

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