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America’s Credit Unions: One Unified, Powerful Voice Serving You

America’s Credit Unions officially launched on January 1! This organization — in partnership with the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues and fellow state-level associations — is the culmination of a long-term effort by the Credit Union National Association and the National Association of Federal Credit Unions to unify with one voice nationally.

This transformation will provide the credit union industry a stronger and more responsive voice on the national stage, with CUNA Board of Directors Chair Lisa Ginter and NAFCU Board of Directors Chair Gary Grinnell recently signing documents to certify the merger. The new association is positioned to bring together the best of both organizations to offer exceptional services to credit unions so they can help Americans achieve and afford their best financial lives.

America’s Credit Unions Transition Board of Directors held its first official meeting this week. The board, led by Chair Brian Schools and Vice Chair Lisa Ginter, held a meet-and-greet with the association’s executive leadership team, appointed committee assignments, approved a supplemental budget to support transformation efforts, and approved bylaws, among other business items.

America’s Credit Unions Transition Board Members includes:

  • Brian Schools, board chair and CEO of Chartway CU.
  • Lisa Ginter, board vice chair and CEO of CommunityAmerica CU.
  • Patrick Pierce, board treasurer and CEO of City and County CU.
  • Karen Harbin, board secretary and CEO of Commonwealth CU.
  • Lonnie Nicholson, CEO of Educational Employees CU.
  • Nader Moghaddam, CEO of Financial Partners CU.
  • Jeff Olson, CEO of Dakota Credit Union Association.
  • Day Matthews, chief legal officer and general counsel of Local Government FCU.
  • Gary Grinnell, CEO of Corning FCU.
  • Lori Herrick, CEO of Manchester Municipal FCU.
  • Scott Simpson, CEO of Utah Credit Union Association.
  • Melanie Kennedy, president of Southwest Financial FCU.
  • Keith Sultemeier, CEO of Kinecta FCU.
  • Jim Morrell, CEO of Peninsula Community FCU.
  • Amy Sink, CEO of Interra CU.

Daily ACU News and Information
Credit union leaders can click here for more information. Additionally, America’s Credit Unions’ daily newsletter will began sending on January 3 (click here to subscribe).

America’s Credit Unions will be fully operational by 2025. The association is committed to providing uninterrupted services and being responsive to members’ needs as the transformation progresses throughout 2024.

Jim Nussle — who serves as president and CEO of America’s Credit Unions beginning Jan. 1, 2024 — announced the America’s Credit Unions Executive Leadership Team recently. He has appointed Jill Tomalin to serve as executive vice president, who will support him in leading the organization.

The executive leadership team is also comprised of the chief advocacy officer, chief membership and engagement officer, chief communications and marketing officer, chief operations officer and chief financial officer, and chief association services officer (see below). These leaders will shape the vision of a strong, united voice for the credit union industry among policymakers in Washington, D.C. and across the country.

America’s Credit Unions will push the boundaries of the credit union industry forward, with its leaders propelling the new association to be a powerful advocate for the credit union industry. The new leadership team is ready to hit the ground running to advance one united voice. With nearly 140 million American consumers and Main Street small businesses choosing credit unions as their financial institution, America’s Credit Unions will work hard to ensure they are receiving the level of service, stability, and trust they need to achieve their financial goals.

The number one priority will always be the interests of member credit unions — and in turn, their local members.

Stay Connected to America’s Credit Unions
Credit union leaders can access the America’s Credit Unions temporary website for need-to-know updates about the transformation, contact information, and important resources. Members will still have access to the legacy NAFCU and legacy CUNA websites during the 2024 transition period.

The website features a brief overview of America’s Credit Unions advocacy priorities, the latest posts on the Compliance Blog, and the 2024 event lineup. News stories and press releases are also accessible.

Credit unions are encouraged to engage with the association via social media by following America’s Credit Unions on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. America’s Credit Unions will continue to keep members informed of important transformation updates via email and online.

America’s Credit Unions: Executive Leaders
The following comprise the executive leadership team of America’s Credit Unions:

  • Executive Vice President Jill Tomalin: Tomalin has more than 30 years of experience within the credit union industry, including two decades of expertise leading high performing teams, and currently serves as executive vice president and chief operating officer at CUNA. Tomalin will oversee membership and engagement, communications and marketing, operations and finance, and association services.
  • Chief Advocacy Officer Carrie Hunt: In this role, Hunt will report directly to Nussle as advocacy is central to the mission of America’s Credit Unions. Hunt has 20 years of experience in consumer finance and financial services law, credit union regulations, and association lobbying, and currently serves as president and CEO of the Virginia Credit Union League.
  • Chief Membership and Engagement Officer Anthony Demangone: Demangone has served the credit union industry for more than two decades and brings with him significant compliance and legal expertise. Demangone currently serves as executive vice president and chief operating officer at NAFCU and worked to transform key association functions to improve the member experience, including information technology, education, marketing, member benefits, and more.
  • Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Eddie Rivera: Rivera has served the credit union industry for nearly 30 years and brings a deep understanding of business operations, including the importance of collaborative relationships with external partners and internal departments. Rivera currently serves as chief financial officer at CUNA.
  • Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Meghan Burris Small: Small has more than a decade of experience in financial services and regulatory policy communications. Small combines her media relations expertise with data-driven insights and consumer engagement strategies to execute effective communications campaigns. Small currently serves as vice president of communications and media relations at NAFCU.
  • Chief Association Services Officer Todd Spiczenski: Spiczenski has more than 30 years of experience in credit union member services. Spiczenski is passionate about building strong partnerships and implementing offerings that help individuals’ professional development, strengthen teams’ performances and enhance credit unions’ operations. Spiczenski currently serves as executive vice president and chief products and services Officer at CUNA.

In November, CUNA and NAFCU announced that their member credit unions voted in favor of the proposed merger into America’s Credit Unions. For the most up-to-date information on the transformation, click here.

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