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Discover the Power of Advocacy During January 31 Workshop

Embarking on your journey in advocacy can seem daunting — but fear not. The upcoming Advocacy Workshop on January 31 is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding in how to fight for credit unions and support our movement at the state and federal levels in 2024.

Hosted by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues’ advocacy team, this immersive experience unveils essential concepts, demystifies terminology, and equips you with actionable steps to elevate and strengthen your credit union’s advocacy program. Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity! Register today to unlock the potential of impactful advocacy for your credit union.

The Advocacy Workshop will be held on January 31, 2024 (from 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) at Wescom Community Center in Anaheim, CA. The agenda includes:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Networking and Introductions
  • League Overview
  • Panel 1: Lobby Meetings
  • Lunch
  • Panel 2: Regulatory Advocacy
  • Breakout Activity
  • Guest Speaker
  • Election Updates
  • Panel 3: PAC Advocacy
  • Panel 4: Grassroots Advocacy
  • Final Thoughts/Questions

The cost is $85 for members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

For financial assistance, please email Carmelita Keller.

Local advocacy efforts lead not only to important victories in Sacramento, Carson City and in Washington, D.C., but also to an enhanced overall community presence for your credit union. This workshop will strengthen communication skills required for effective legislative meetings and also feature fresh concepts about targeting and maintaining relationships with important community leaders.

Who should attend? Credit union employees seeking to lend greater professionalism to their governmental affairs and community outreach activities, or anyone who has expressed a future interest in becoming an advocate for their credit union. Newcomers are welcome!

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