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Minal Gupta, Vice President of Remote Services for Star One CU.
Minal Gupta, Vice President of Remote Services for Star One CU.

‘FedNow’ Town Hall Recorded Webinar Will be Available Soon

This week’s FedNow Service Town Hall recorded webinar will be available soon on — the Federal Reserve’s instant payments resource website!

During this unique session on Thursday August 31, Minal Gupta — vice president of remote services for Star One CU — delivered insights into the credit union’s convenient and secure FedNow consumer-user interface for its members. Speaking to nearly 2,000 banking leaders from credit unions and banks nationwide, Gupta demonstrated Star One CU’s live Instant Payment mobile app user-interface system, which allows money to be sent instantly using the new FedNow service (click here to view the simulation).

Over the past few months, Gupta has helped explain in various webinars and training sessions how Star One CU is one of the first financial institutions nationwide to create a user-interface using the recently launched FedNow instant payments service.

The webinar also featured lively discussions between various instant-payment experts, including a representative from Catalyst Corporate, as well as financial institution payment leaders sharing their launch experiences. In addition to panelists describing the ways they are supporting a variety of instant payment use-cases at their respective financial institutions, Fed leaders previewed what’s next for FedNow, including upcoming engagement opportunities.

You can read how Gupta was also recently tapped as an educational resource in a training session for California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) employees: StarOne CU’s Minal Gupta: ‘FedNow’ Insights During California DFPI and Fed Sessions. Her responses to an agency question-and-answer session are insightful as fellow credit union leaders kick off their own FedNow journeys.

Going forward, don’t miss the Fed’s recorded town hall webinar on FedNow from this past week on

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