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L-R: Karla Davis, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues; and Joe Keller, Vice President of Membership and Credit Union Solutions for the Leagues.
L-R: Karla Davis, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues; and Joe Keller, Vice President of Membership and Credit Union Solutions for the Leagues.

Leadership Changes Support Leagues’ Mission & Vision for CUs

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are excited to announce two positions that were filled to support its ongoing mission of helping member credit unions change people’s lives through strong political and regulatory advocacy, unique business solutions, communication and awareness, professional development, innovative partnerships, and industry leadership.

Karla Davis has been hired to serve as vice president of communications and marketing, while Joe Keller will now serve as vice president of membership and credit union solutions!

“We are thrilled to welcome Karla Davis and excited about the contributions she will bring to our organization and our member credit unions,” said Larry Palochik, executive vice president of the Leagues. “Additionally, we are honored to have Joe Keller step into a new role as he continues to support our League efforts in delivering exceptional value for so many credit unions that look to us for strategic direction, guidance, leadership, and credit union advocacy in Sacramento, Carson City, and Washington, D.C.”

Karla Davis: VP of Communications and Marketing
Davis came to the Leagues most recently from the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) where she managed business-to-business marketing for the Credit Union Awareness program. Specializing in annual marketing acquisitions, engagement, website and social media content plans, Davis played a key role in ensuring success within the organization’s marketing strategies.

Prior to her role at CUNA, she managed the business development and field marketing for Eagle Community CU where she showcased exceptional leadership, driving significant membership growth through an integrated marketing approach and cross-functional partnerships. Davis also ran several successful projects in communities the credit union served by establishing a strong brand presence.

As a well-regarded professional in the credit union industry, Davis brings nearly 13 years of financial services industry experience. With a master’s degree in communications management from the University of Southern California (USC), Davis has combined academic knowledge with practical expertise.

The Leagues look forward to leveraging her skills, expertise, collaborative leadership, and passion for excellence to further elevate communications and marketing efforts to credit unions.

Joe Keller: VP of Membership and Credit Union Solutions
Keller is a seasoned professional with 31 years of credit union industry experience, specializing in technical marketing. As a strategic member of corporate leadership teams, he has demonstrated a strong business background through his extensive involvement in information technology and marketing leadership positions.

With a reputation as a trusted and resilient leader, he excels in finding innovative solutions to challenges, always keeping a keen focus on bottom-line results. His ability to translate the big picture into actionable corporate strategies continues making him a valuable asset in both the information technology and marketing realms.

Joe’s engagement with corporate and industry goals has been a key driver of his success. He understands the importance of aligning organizational objectives with industry trends and has a track record of spearheading initiatives that contribute to both corporate and industrywide growth. He has consistently delivered effective strategies that leverage technological advancements to drive success for credit unions, using holistic approaches that yield impactful outcomes.

Davis and Keller said they both look forward to providing exceptional value to League-member credit unions as the second half of 2023 kicks off!

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