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League InfoSight Launches CU PolicyPro & RecoveryPro Platform

League InfoSight has completed the first phase of its product combination, which brings CU PolicyPro and RecoveryPro together on a single, integrated platform! This is the first step in a larger initiative to bring InfoSight, CU PolicyPro, and RecoveryPro under a single sign-on for a seamless user experience.

More than 3,400 credit unions are registered for CU PolicyPro nationally, demonstrating the value of the 230-plus model policies and procedures created specifically for credit unions. The content is coupled with a comprehensive policy management system that allows users to edit, publish, and assign tasks.

League InfoSight’s fastest growing product, RecoveryPro, provides credit unions with model content to create, edit, and maintain a comprehensive business continuity plan. With the combined technology, users are able to benefit from the familiarity and robust technology utilized by CU PolicyPro.

Pricing for RecoveryPro is based on asset size and is deeply discounted for League InfoSight-member credit unions, with a starting price of $249 annually for the smallest asset size credit union.

“League InfoSight, state credit union league-association owners, and partners are excited to inch closer to our dream of combining all of our amazing products into one system,” said Glory LeDu, CEO of League InfoSight and CU Risk Intelligence. “This will allow us to start exploring progressive uses of artificial intelligence to further save our users time and provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective compliance support and resources.”

Many credit unions have access to CU PolicyPro as a member benefit through their state credit union league/association.  To learn more, visit your league website or visit the League InfoSight Website.

Learn more about RecoveryPro from your state credit union league/association website or through the League InfoSight Website.

About League InfoSight
League InfoSight was created in 2003, the result of a multi-League effort to work collaboratively to provide the best possible compliance resources for member credit unions. The collaborative model is at the heart of League InfoSight and allows the expertise of League/Association partners and stakeholders to be leveraged to develop compliance best practices, evolve technology solutions, and focus on content strength.

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