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California State Capitol.

Leagues and CUs Build Upon Victories, Making a Powerful Impact

In 2023, credit unions across California and Nevada benefited from eight state legislative victories, 14 regulatory accomplishments, six major wins in Congress, numerous initiatives, meetings, urgent alerts, and robust grassroots advocacy-in-action that crafted better policies to positively impact operations and members.

The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues is the ONLY association in Sacramento and Carson City representing your credit union’s voice!

Major California and Nevada Victories
The Leagues’ California Impact Report displays California League victories from 2023 that are providing direct help to credit unions today and beyond, as well as initiatives supporting the credit union cause through PAC (Political Action Committee) activity, grassroots advocacy, and so much more:

  • The California League consistently worked with assemblymembers and senators to craft state laws that have a better impact on locally member-owned credit unions. To view all 40 assembly, senate, and League-engaged bills, click here.
  • PASSED Assembly Bill 231 — shareholders’ meetings: remote communication.
  • PASSED Senate Bill 696 — notaries public.
  • AMENDED Senate Bill 478 — consumer legal remedies act: advertisements.
  • STOPPED Senate Bill 278 — elder financial abuse liability (two-year bill).
  • STOPPED Senate Bill 399 — employer communications: intimidation (two-year bill).

The Leagues’ Neveda Impact Report shows that the Nevada League consistently worked with assemblymembers and senators to craft state laws that have a better impact on locally member-owned credit unions:

  • To view all 16 assembly, senate, and League-engaged bills, click here.
  • PASSED Assembly Bill 274 — revises provisions governing required instruction in financial literacy.
  • PASSED Senate Bill 355 — revises provisions relating to commerce.
  • STOPPED Assembly Bill 439 — revises provisions governing certain contracts of insurance.

Triumphs in the U.S. Congress
The Leagues proactively stay ahead of congressional legislation in Washington, D.C. and important legislative and regulatory conversations that have ramifications for your credit union. The Leagues are alert on Capitol Hill so you can focus on what you do best — serving your members. We:

  • MADE AN IMPACT through advocacy and grassroots efforts.
  • PROTECTED our credit card interchange system.
  • ADVANCED the ‘SAFER Banking Act’.
  • ADVANCED remote online notary services.
  • ADVANCED federal credit union board modernization.
  • ADVANCED credit unions’ voice on digital assets.

Big Wins in Regulatory Reform
The Leagues closely monitored a plethora of regulatory issuances and provided vital information daily and weekly to help you stay informed on regulatory actions. We also advocated for — and helped ensure — outcomes that positively impact credit unions and their members. We:

  • LOOKED OUT on your credit union’s behalf.
  • ENGAGED regulators, raising concerns and advocated for credit unions.
  • CONTINUED LEVERAGING the Nevada Credit Union Advisory Council (in Nevada).

PAC and Grassroots, Compliance, Professional Development, & Solutions
Directly connecting your credit union’s supporters to state and federal legislators through the Leagues’ Connect for the Cause action-alerts remains a top priority and is extremely valuable to our movement’s political voice. We are dedicated to educating elected officials and their communities about the credit union difference:

  • California and Nevada: AMPLIFIED your voice on credit union issues.
  • California: INVOLVED in 169 interviews, events, and meetings.
  • California: LOBBIED legislators and staff aides face to face.
  • California: RAISED $672K for the California credit union cause.
  • California: RAISED $157K for the CULAC federal PAC.
  • Nevada: RAISED $87K for the Nevada credit union cause.
  • Nevada: RAISED Over $9,500 for the CULAC federal PAC.
  • Nevada: RECORD-BREAKING funds raised in the cooperative spirit.
  • Nevada: LOBBIED legislators and staff aides face to face.

Supporting your team through tools and resources:

  • Oftentimes credit unions forego accessing their legal counsel because the League’s compliance resources provide the answer — quickly and efficiently. Compliance Hotline consultants have the expertise; CU PolicyPro has more than 200 model policies; and InfoSight offers both federal and state-specific compliance information.

Unlocking valuable opportunities for growth, supporting your staff where it matters, and empowering our movement’s “People Helping People” philosophy:

  • The Leagues harnessed the capabilities, conveniences, and unique tools in today’s learning environment to deliver a valuable set of relevant educational and professional development options.

Timely industry insights, answers, and partners:

  • Our primary commitment is to ensure credit unions are well-informed, well-connected, and well-prepared to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

“We are committed to amplifying your voice every year in California, Nevada, and Washington, D.C.,” said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “We remain dedicated to empowering your credit union through supporting your leadership, management, and volunteers. We are always working to secure your credit union’s future through advocacy, compliance, professional development, business solutions, and much more.”

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