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Nominate a ‘2023 Credit Union Rock Star’ for CU Magazine

The editorial team of Credit Union Magazine is accepting nominations for the 11th annual class of “Credit Union Rock Stars”!

Credit Union Rock Stars are credit union professionals and volunteers who leverage their exceptional creativity, innovation, and passion to advance their credit unions and elevate their communities.

In 2021, four California leaders were dubbed Credit Union Rock Stars — coming out of credit unions ranging from $60 million to $10.5 billion in assets (out of 31 nationwide). They included Eric Bruen, CEO of Desert Valleys FCU; Kramer Chan, CFO and Senior Vice President for Kaiperm CU; Cynthia Negri, Board President of Redwood CU; and Anna Lisby, Senior Vice President of Finance for San Diego County CU.

In 2022, Credit Union Magazine recognized 25 individuals from across the rest of the nation who make the credit union movement a better place.

“When submitting nominations for Rock Stars, we suggest you be thorough, specific, and creative,” said Michelle Willits, publisher of Credit Union Magazine. “Brag a little about how your peers and co-workers excel by being unique, innovative and creative.”

The 2023 Credit Union Rock Stars will be featured this coming autumn in a special digital campaign/edition of Credit Union Magazine. You can submit nominations by June 9.

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