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Local credit union professionals at the "Networks & Nachos" event.
Local credit union professionals at the "Networks & Nachos" event.

Upcoming Events, Updates, League ‘Networks’ Near You, & More

In the second-quarter edition of N3: Network, News & Notices, credit union professionals can learn about upcoming League Network events and view local stories and exciting updates about their peers across California and Nevada.

Upcoming Network Events
Upcoming events:

More Updates
Additional updates:

  • “Network & Nachos” recap.
  • Mount Diablo Network Bike-Build video.
  • What’s new at the Leagues.
  • Advocacy update.
  • “Hike the Hill” Leaders Program.
  • Network Commitments.
  • The Network Awards.

‘Networks’ Near You & More
Additional resources:

N3 is the official e-communication for League Networks! Networks exist to strengthen the credit union movement through professional development and collaboration.

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