REACH 2023

Catch the highlights from a power-packed week at REACH 2023​

Local Network members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues engage, learn, and celebrate during REACH 2023!
Local Network members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues engage, learn, and celebrate during REACH 2023!

‘Networks’ Engage at Leadership Summit: Teambuilding and Fun

Helping the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues launch into its REACH 2023 conference, dozens of professionals representing local League Networks from across California and Nevada gathered for the 2023 Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, NV on Sunday and Monday of this week (Oct. 22 and 23).

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This year’s inaugural Leadership Summit was an exclusive event for League Network credit union leaders that promoted learning, leadership, teambuilding, and networking. Participants celebrated Network achievements and inspired each other to reach new accomplishments in the coming year.

One individual and one Network were also honored in front of everyone with the 2023 Network Award of Excellence for their volunteerism within League Networks — announced earlier this year! The Leagues would like to congratulate Noreen Guevara of Silicon Valley Network (individual award) and the Orange County Network (Network award).

However, before 2023, “Network commitments” were established — and they were fulfilled by the following local Networks by October 1 (also receiving the 2023 Network Award of Excellence during the Leadership Summit): Silicon Valley Network, Orange County Network, Sacramento Valley Network, Southern Nevada Network, and Inland Empire Network. These local Networks committed to — and fulfilled — conducting a networking activity, holding a professional development event, collaborating with another Network, and conducting a “Bite of Reality” financial education gathering with at least three credit unions (an event sponsored by the Richard Myles Johnson Foundation).

Additionally, two Network Champions were honored during the event, an award decided and announced onsite during the Leadership Summit. They include Breanna Jackson (Central Valley Network) and Chris Loy (Orange County Network).

Overall, local Network leaders came together for two days of insights and pathways, looking deep into the ordinary to find extraordinary opportunities. They also heard about what’s happening in the credit union world recently and how their Network can make a difference. This interactive experience offered Network leaders a premium experience through leadership skills training and engagement to develop professionally.

Attendees also collaborated with other leaders and use human-centered design skills to solve problems and strengthen the credit union movement. They celebrated successes from the year and shared feedback from local Network activities throughout the year, while also inspiring each other with encouragement for social impact in the coming year.

Overall, they celebrated the extraordinary impact and commitment of their peers and local Networks as League Networks continues to strengthen the credit union movement through professional development and collaboration. League Network pillars have been instrumental in the credit union movement over the past year across California and Nevada by utilizing the following pillars:

  • Develop credit union advocates to shape the credit union movement.
  • Support financial wellness throughout the Network.
  • Collaborate to strengthen alignment, purpose, and inclusion.
  • In everything we do: not for profit, not for charity — but for service to each other.

As usual, attendees engaged in fun and inspiring activities, full of networking, fostering collaboration, innovative thought leadership, strengthening ties, and so much more! Sunday night was full of food, games, and other exercises to bring Network professionals together.

Stay Engaged During REACH
Attendees and League staff will be sharing photos, comments, and memories through X (@CANVleagues) and LinkedIn (#CUatREACH).

REACH is one of the credit union industry’s premier annual events, attracting leaders and system partners from across California, Nevada and the United States. This year it’s held from October 22 – 26 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV!


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