The Central Valley Network Board of Governors is as follows:

Randy Icelow ricelow@mocse.org Mocse CU Events Chairperson
Sara Klein sara@olcu.org Organized Labor CU Treasurer
Leslie A Ramirez lramirez@m1fcu.org Modesto’s First FCU Secretary
Breana Jackson breana@olcu.org Organized Labor CU Chairperson
Courtnay Lynch calynch@valleyfirstcu.org Valley First CU Governor At Large
Heather Basile hbasile@m1fcu.org Modesto’s First FCU Governor At Large
Joann Wenk joann@goldenvalleyfcu.org Golden Valley FCU Governor At Large
Melonie Albino malbino@mocse.org MOCSE CU Governor At Large
Maria Rodriguez mrodriguez@centralstatecu.org Central State CU Governor At Large
Laura Rasim Laura.rasim@rollingf.org Rolling F CU Vice Chairperson
Lily Reinolds lreinolds@mocse.org MOCSE CU Governor At Large
Tiffany Smith tsmith@mocse.org MOCSE CU Governor At Large
Paola Perez pperez@mocse.org MOCSE CU Governor At Large

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