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Nevada Legislative Bills Pass or Fail Session Deadline

A handful of important bills the Nevada Credit Union League is supporting passed the Nevada State Legislature’s first house-passaged deadline on Wednesday. This deadline means pieces of legislation needed to pass out of their house of origin to be considered for the remainder of the legislative session.

“The Nevada Credit Union League was happy to see these priority bills pass this deadline,” said Robert Wilson, senior vice president of state government affairs for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

Those bills include legislation that would authorize electronic signatures at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Senate Bill 346 (Spearman), and a bill that would allow a credit union to report and hold a transaction if elder financial abuse is suspected, Senate Bill 355 (Lange).

A couple bills that failed at the deadline included one that would have taxed data that was collected by businesses, Assembly Bill 421 (La Rue Hatch), as well as a bill that would have licensed and regulated digital financial asset businesses, Senate Bill 360 (Ohrenschall).

Some earlier victories include stopping Assembly Bill 320, which would have required that a website provider that has a website that’s accessed by children to produce an assessment of the data, removing provisions on Assembly Bill 439 relating to guaranteed asset protection (GAP) waivers and credit life insurance.

Finally, the League was happy to sponsor Senate Concurrent Resolution 2, which declared April to be “Financial Literacy Month.”

“The legislature officially adjourns on June 5, and as we get closer to the end of session, the more active the legislature becomes,” Wilson said. “The Nevada Credit Union League will be watching every bill and amendment to ensure there are only positive impacts for credit unions!”

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