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Why You Need to Consider a Website Redesign in 2023

It may seem like the cost to do a Website Redesign isn’t in your budget, but the age of a website can be holding your credit union back from future growth. If you haven’t done a redesign within the past 3-4 years, here are a few points to consider as you plan for the future of your website:

  • First and foremost, the reason to do a redesign at least every 3-4 years is to improve the overall performance of the website for your members. Older programming can increase load times and bounce rates on mobile devices, which can hurt both usability and SEO rankings. Mobile users may be leaving the site before it even has a chance to load. A redesign will eliminate legacy code and optimize the site, improving the performance of the site for members on all devices.
  • Your website should include all facets of modern design and technologies to engage members with clear calls to action, solid information architecture strategies for clear navigation and calls to action, and ADA accessibility services to assist the 25% of users with visual, auditory, and cognitive disabilities.
  • The User Experience is about a visitor’s behavior after they land on your website. Designing a well thought out user experience helps ensure that visitors to your website perceive it in a positive way; encouraging sharing, bookmarking, return visits, and inbound links, which all contribute to high SEO rankings.

If your credit union is considering a website redesign or looking to further engage your members, please contact your National Business Consultant at for more information. We would welcome the opportunity to serve your credit union!

Article provided by CU Solutions Group, a California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues business partner. 

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